About Me

Karen Rachels, LMFT

Transplanted from New Jersey many years ago, I bring a soft east coast Jewish sensibility infused with California seasonings to my work. Steeped in a tradition of service, I’ve spent most of my adult life engaged in volunteer and paid work aimed at promoting social justice and helping people who suffer.

Along the way, I have been a sign language interpreter and counselor for Deaf and hard of hearing people, and worked as a social worker for home health, hospice, and a dialysis center. My private practice began in 1995 when I formed Meridian Psychotherapy Center with 3 other newly-licensed colleagues. From 2000 – 2014, I was a faculty member of City College of San Francisco providing counseling to students with disabilities.

All of these experiences have broadened my understanding of the worlds inhabited by people across gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic and class spectrums.

I have been fortunate to utilize those experiences to help people make positive life choices through therapy and also broaden compassion for myself and for all of us as humans. As my practice has evolved, I have moved from an insight-oriented approach to a more present-day, experiential model called Somatic Attachment Therapy (SAT). This model focuses on working with clients to both feel more secure in themselves and in relationships by paying attention to body wisdom and energy as well as words, emotions and thoughts.

Now officially an owner of a Senior Clipper card, I will be closing my practice with individual clients and couples as of July 31, 2017. I will, however, be continuing to lead consultation groups, practice groups and trainings for therapists in Somatic Attachment Therapy.

If you have come to this website as a client seeking a therapist, please look at the Referral Directory which lists therapists who have consulted or trained with me. The Directory indicates the person’s experience with SAT as well as important details about their practice. Please also avail yourself of the material on the Publications page that illustrates this therapy to see if it fits for you.

Thank you very much for contacting me. I wish you the best on your personal journey toward healing while our world community continues to seek a broad healing through harmony, respect and love.