Over the last few years, I have produced material to help therapists and clients learn about nervous system regulation, somatic skills, and attachment. I was deeply motivated and continue to be motivated, by the sense that it is ethically critical for therapists to understand and apply the concepts of regulation and resourcing when working with clients. The following materials are available:

Body, Brain, Love: A Therapist's Workbook for Affect Regulation and Somatic Attachment

Body, Brain, Love: A Therapist's Workbook for Affect Regulation and Somatic Attachment

This workbook is for therapists and any interested clients. Published in January, 2015, it is intended to provide immediately applicable information and skills related to affect regulation and somatic attachment.

To get a sense of the book, please click here to see the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Invitation to Somatic Attachment Therapy. If you would like to purchase the workbook, please click the “Buy Now” button below. The cost is $25.95 plus tax, shipping, and handling.

Six (6) Continuing Education Units are available for reading the workbook through R. Cassidy Seminars in most states for Psychologists; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists; Licensed Clinical Social Workers; and Licensed Professional Counselors. Please click here to complete the exam and the evaluation to order to receive your certificate.

Videos: Somatic Attachment Therapy Training

Somatic Attachment Therapy Training Videos

In addition to the workbook, I created separate videos in to assist students in learning basic Somatic Attachment Therapy skills. These videos, now available on YouTube, include a full 37-minute session and other short demonstrations of various skills. These are the skills I teach in my annual 30-hour “Somatic Attachment Therapy Training, Level 1” class in the San Francisco Bay Area and in my workbook, Body, Brain, Love: Affect Regulation and Somatic Attachment.

Article: “Becoming a Somatic Therapist: Myths, Joys, and Challenges”

Becoming a Somatic Therapist: Myths, Joys and Challenges

“Becoming a Somatic Therapist: Myths, Joys, and Challenges,” was published in the May-June, 2017 issue of CAMFT's magazine, The Therapist. The idea for this article stemmed from training therapists in Somatic Attachment Therapy.

The article is meant to stimulate interest in doing this kind of work while at the same time calm anxieties about having to do it perfectly, with every client in every session, or having to give up other ways of working. Somatic work, particularly with a focus on attachment, allows for flexibility in its application, using bits and pieces that feel appropriate and right for the person sitting in front of you. It encourages a deep understanding of the role of the body and nervous system regulation and attachment, concepts vital for working with every client regardless of how they are used clinically.

Click here to download a PDF of the article.